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     Terms and Conditions:         

+20% gratuity+15% STC fee is added to all transportation and services. Tolls, parking, airport/sea port fees, driver out-of-pocket expenses fee, excessive fuel fees (beyond city-limits), excessive baggage or over capacity fees are extra and may be added to the bill; pet/animal on-board fee: can not be loose and must be in cage/carry bag unless prove of service animal provided, extras charge of $25 will be added to the bill/Credit Card. Non refundable 50% deposit is required for all reservations and services. Customer’s credit card will be authorized (hold of total amount) and/or charged full amount of booked services including round trip, unless specified otherwise by Credit Card holder or paid cash in advance. Cancellation policy varies (24-72) hours in advance or depending on specifics of job and services. RAIN OR SHINE POLICY: No Cancellations, No Refunds, No Limo type substitutes or time changes during special events, weekends (Fri-Sun), holidays, Hi-Season (Nov-May), multiple day, same day jobs (no late cancel), advance reservations. Cancellation fee is three (3) hours minimum (if booked hourly) or actual amount of booked/contracted service, including one-way transfers or round trip and/or any other related services will be charged at the rate of initial booking and/or depending on specifics. NO UNDERAGE DRINKING INSIDE FOR-HIRE VEHICLES ALLOWED (must be 21), NO SMOKING INSIDE FOR-HIRE VEHICLES ALLOWED (State Law), NO CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES OR WEAPONS ALLOWED. Other Fees: Over-Time fee (continues job exceeding 8-10 hours, additional hours billed at 25-50% extra) depending on specifics and/or difficulty of the service; Holiday/Special Event fee (ex: Christmas, New Years Eve) 25-50% extra; Damage fee (missing or broken vehicle parts or items, damage to vehicle’s interior or exterior by passenger[s]) will be responsibility of booker, client and/or passenger for actual repair/replace/vehicle down-time cost and/or credit card on file will be charged; Nuisance fee (unruly passenger or intoxicated, disorderly conduct, driver harassment, physical or verbal abuse, company revenue loss due to job disruption by passenger(s), inappropriate and/or illegal requests); Set-up fee (extra items requested by customer); Clean-up fees (bodily fluids, vomit, smoking, excessive trash will result in a $250 charge) NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS. Job Termination: Driver and/or Company can and will refuse services and/or terminate job at any time and without notice and client/passenger(s) agrees that he/she will forfeit their deposit ( NO refund given) and/or entire booking will be charged in event Driver/Company are subjected or can expect the following situation(s): Client/Passengers become liability, NO SHOW or Late cancel, unreachable by either phone/text/e-mail or unresponsive, intoxicated, unruly, disorderly, high risk, dangerous, illegal, abusive, harassing, controlled substance or weapon on board and/or if driver is reasonably concerned for his safety or safety of others. Additional penalties, fees/charges may apply at driver’s or company’s discretion. Phone conversations may be monitored and/or recorded for company’s quality control. WAIT TIME: Fifteen (15) minutes limo/driver/charter waiting time for all one-way transfers, thirty (30) minutes waiting for domestic airport arrivals, FBO private flights and sea-port arrivals, one (1) hour waiting time for international airport arrivals and/or from initial scheduled arrival or when passenger provided specific pick-up time, thereafter, hourly wait time will be charged to credit card on-file for amount depending on limo type or service. Booker/Passenger must notify limo company/driver in reasonable advance notice of any time or pick-up location change, flight delay or cancellation, otherwise, hourly waiting time and parking fee will be charged at company’s or driver’s discretion contingent to limo type and service. RATES: 15 minutes past the hour will be billed as1 hour, price, availability and limo type may vary and/or subject to change at company’s discretion and/or without notice, due to demand, availability, weekends, special events, hi-season, fuel prices. VALUABLES left in limo: Company/Driver are not responsible for client's and/or passengers items/valuables/luggage left in the limo. Although, Company/Driver will make an effort to return forgotten item(s) in event client/passenger can be located, no recourse after ninety (90) days. When providing your credit card in person, over the phone/fax/e-mail and/or by signing either credit card authorization form/limo job contract and/or receipt, or orally booking/confirming reservation, booker/passenger agrees to have been verbally informed or have read and understand transportation Company Terms and Conditions, included in the credit card authorization form, e-mail, text or web-site. Therefore, individual and/or company, booker, caller or passenger named above acknowledges and agrees to reservations and cancellations policy, as well as, all stipulations of terms and conditions. If you disagree with any terms, have questions or suggestions, please contact administration before confirming, signing and/or utilizing our services. Crossing out, deleting, adding or altering above terms without company’s knowledge or approval does not exempt customer/passenger from complying with above terms.





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